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[Fsoft HCM] - Need 05 Talent Developers
Vị trí tuyển:
Senior Developer
Số lượng tuyển:
Nơi làm việc
Hồ Chí Minh
Mã công việc:
Sr. Dev_1401
Ngày hết hạn:
Job descriptions
-       Working inside the R&D team of the most innovate and dynamic French company, a market leading provider of performance driven online advertising technology, to develop innovate features base on cutting-edge technology.
-       Work as key players in talented and innovative team of a privately-held global leader in digital performance display advertising. This team consists of various developers across 15 offices in US, Europe, Asia and Australia.
-       In order to be considered as a part of talented team, you are expected:
o    To show work in progress as soon as possible to clients and continuously adapt our work based on their feedback
o    To have your coding review by your teammates as well as review their coding to share knowledge and spot un-cleaned stuffs
o    To organize or attend short, specific and timed meeting with concise, up-to-date documents that are available on a searchable wiki
o    To use and help teammates to use client tools such as Visual Studio 2012 with Resharper 8, Git versioning control, and Jira with GreenHoper for Sprint management
o    To comprehend and help teammates to comprehend advance technologies such as AnglurarJS, Servicestack.net, MongoDb, Memcached, etc.
o    Research and share knowledge with team in Vietnam and International
o    Report to Project Managers both in Vietnam and France
Job qualifications
-       Are really passionate about software development (MUST)
-       Are interested in cutting edge agile workflows and having good programming mindset: find solution for difficult problems, calculate the complexity of algorithm, optimise the code, etc
-       Good English communication
-       Very good in at least one strongly typed and object oriented programing language (C#, Java, C++, etc.)
-       Good in at least one loosely typed language (Javascript, Python, Php, etc.)
-       Experience in writing automated tests
-       Are a team player, really
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