R7 Da Nang gathers for team-spirit enhancement


For the first time, R7 Da Nang’s three units have gathered to strengthen solidarity and enhance interaction among project members.

  The program was organized on June 15, at Bien Dong Resort. Challenges were given to nearly 300 R7 cuders. Participants were divided into 11 teams for competition.

Action games brought laughter and joy to each participant.


In the Tug of War game, members were extremely excited when competing with BUL. The Loto game brought the vibrant atmosphere by witty “singer” KhoaPVT.


Later, the teams entered the cooking competition, with the maximum budget of VND 2 million.
Especially, the Miss. contest “heated” participants.
Finally, the first prize was given to the SexyGO team with VND 2 million. The second prize belonged to the Bugless team. Two teams of Big Banana and SexyUp won the third prize. The teambuilding has left many good impressions on R7 Da Nang’s members. Through this trip, members have been closer, more united and grown up together, thereby promoting the R7’s spirit. 
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