A young man of generation Y is appointed new chief human resource officer of a global company with 16,000 employees


Nguyen Tuan Minh, a 29-year-old technology expert, has just been named the Chief Human Resource Officer of FPT Software – a multinational software company with 16,000 employees worldwide.

Born in 1991, Nguyen Tuan Minh is now the youngest Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in the 21 year history of FPT Software. Minh is expected to utilize technology to systematize and connect the power of functional units in human resource management, contributing to the realization of FPT Software’s strategy to become a world-class software company.

tân giám đốc nhân sự Fsoft

Before being promoted to the position of Chief Human Resource Officer, Minh excelled as the Deputy Executive Manager of FSOFT Global Smart Technologies. Minh and the Board of Management have led the aforementioned department to strong  growth in the number of staff as well as sales revenue. This leadership has also been a significant contributing factor to the 20% growth in human resources and the 30% growth in profit at FPT Software in the last two years.

Minh joined FPT Software when he was still a university student; thanks to his strong expertise and good technical skills, he was able to take on many important positions in various major projects throughout the company. One of the most outstanding projects he has taken part in was building the first Android TV product with a global electronics company.  Minh and his colleagues have contributed to creating a television product line that has changed the consumption habits of millions of people around the world.

The appointment of the young CHRO is  part of a strategy to rejuvenate the senior management team of FPT Software.  The enthusiasm, unique perception and creativity of young employees are expected to be a key factor  driving the development of FPT Software and leading the company to success.

Chief Human Resource Officer of FPT Software

With the strategic orientation of becoming a world-class software company, FPT Software is now facing a crucial time in its journey to “transform”. By identifying DX (Digital Transformation) and MS (System Administration Services) as the main “battlefield”, the company has built its core strengths in these two fields based on a combination of management experience of the senior management board, and the young, enthusiastic, and daring spirit of the younger management class.

According to the Chairwoman of FPT Software – Mrs. Chu Thi Thanh Ha, Generation Y and Z currently account for nearly 40% of FSOFT’s employees, and this number will only continue to grow in the future. In order to approach, inspire and guide young people, a Chief Human Resources Officer of the same generation is expected to connect with them to create new and energetic changes for the organization.

The newly appointed Chief Human Resource Officer stated: “This mission is a really exciting challenge for me. As a person who has had a lot of special experience at FPT Software, hopefully I can pass on a part of my inspiration and enthusiasm to young people. In the upcoming time, I have set a goal with the company to create a working environment where the interests and passions of employees are prioritized to help them maximize their capabilities.”