akaBot is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) application that aims to automate business processes in each enterprise. akaBot plays as a part of the FPT Corporation’s akaMind ecosystem, built on FPT’s many years of business experiences with global partners, especially in the Japanese market. Therefore, akaBot has quality and value in accordance with the Japanese standard. Using akaBot, businesses can configure and order akaBot Agents so that akaBot Agents can understand and perform tasks, from a simple task such as sending an email to a complex task like deploying thousands of programs simultaneously in an ERP system.

akaBot can be applied in a wide variety of industries, such as finance, banking, healthcare, retail, human resources, insurance, IT, accounting. akaBot provides one-stop services to meet the demand of automation within an enterprise including: Assesment & POC, Center of Excellent (CoE) development, Implementation. In addition, akaBot provides the most competitive price proposal compared to other products on the market.

akaBot is designed to help business automate regulated business processes, which are executed manually and repeatedly by employees. Any task which is performed by a user on his or her computer, including data entry, app integration, data migration, or content, can be automated with akaBot.
akaBot can be used to automate those processes having one or several of the following characteristics:

  • High volume
  • Repeatedly
  • Error-prone
  • Rule-based
  • Must connect and operate on different systems

akaBot provides one-stop services to meet the needs of enterprise automation including: Assesment & POC, Center of Excellent (CoE) development, Implementation.
In addition to being able to use akaBot, businesses will only have to bear the cost of the best compared to the same products on the market.

  • Decreased costs: Potential to reduce operational costs by decreasing the number of FTEs deployed to complete a task or process by up to two thirds of the human cost.
  • Improved efficiency: True 24/7 potential. akaBot Agents can be fully utilized to operate around the clock.
  • Reduced errors: akaBot Agents eliminate human interventions that can create unintended errors or delays.
  • Employee satisfaction: Robotic automation removes many of the everyday and unsatisfying tasks we currently ask our human teams to perform each day.
  • No need for IT system change: Improving without radically transforming. Benefits are possible without modernizing the systems of record from what they are today.
  • Customer satisfaction: With reduced errors, improved efficiency and more accurate information the quality of the customer experience is significantly increased.
  • Data for process improvement: Undiscovered bottlenecks can be identified using data from robotic process performance and further optimize the process.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Just deploy or re-assign more akaBot Agents for a given process where more volume is needed.

akaBot platform includes 3 main functions:

  • akaBot Studio: Design workflow
  • akaBot Center: Manage akaBot Agent
  • akaBot Agent: automate workflow

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akaBot website: https://akabot.com/