Note: akatouch is other name of My FSOFT application

MyFSOFT is the first mobile application developed by FPT Software, which helps manage the performance, reward and support for periodic staffing.

With a variety of features, MyFSOFT is built for all employees of FPT Software from junior to senior ones. The purpose of the application is to increase the coherence among members as well as the working efficiency through the meeting between staff and managers to talk, evaluate to get the career path of each position.

Up to now, MyFSOFT application has three main functions:

  • First year – program for new employees;
  • Recognition – help managers to know employees’ efforts timely. In this section, employees will be given points for cash or gifts;
  • Check-in – schedule appointments with staff/managers, manage tasks

Recognition and Check-in are considered as a part of the periodic checkpoint of Software employees. With this feature, employees and managers will easily review their strengths, weaknesses, career aspirations, and opportunities for new developments by assessing, recognizing performance and capability which are save from time to time, each project or job.

In addition, featured news, new policies, and recruitment programs will appear on app’s Home screen while Information helps update organizational structure, policies, guidelines, procedures and knowledge sharing. To senior employees, Career Path function will give the detail roadmap for each position.

Currently, MyFSOFT has been updated on two app stores, App Store or Google Play. Android users can download here and iOS here. Unit representatives says that many new features will be updated in the coming time.

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