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“Along with the IoT trend, FSOFT cannot omit technological solutions that Chinese companies came up with (including Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent), and I expect that with FSOFT’s presence in China, we will catch up with these new technologies”, explained FPT Japan Director Tran Dang Hoa on the reason why FSOFT established a new office in Shanghai. 

FPT Shanghai office is located at the center of Shanghai city and went into operation by the end of 2016 with big market potential.

Looking at the expansion of the “big boys” in the technological field, we can see that simply in the Automotive sector, all Tier 1 enterprises have offices in Shanghai with thousands of employees, including Continental, Denso, and Pioneer.

Accordingly, the demand for human resources will be one of the prioritized tasks. Though at the moment FPT Shanghai office’s targeted clients are Japanese, European and U.S. companies that have offices in China, the majority of communications taking place will be with Chinese engineers. This means FPT Shanghai will employ many IT and sales staff who are able to use a few languages, including Chinese to communicate with the project team, and English and Japanese with clients at high-level or managerial positions.