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6th Floor, CROSS PLACE Building, Hamamatsu-cho, Shiba Park 1-7-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo city, Japan


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Accounting for 50% of the profit, after 10 years, FPT Japan has found its place in the Japan market. Particular in this market, success lies in finding a guaranteed resource of engineers from Vietnam.

Inside FPT Japan
Would you like to work in the country with up to 132 days off? Every day we can comfortably watch Japanese Geisha, have tea party, climbing Mount Fuji… and feel the life form the country of cherry blossoms… In Japan, people can after while working hard. This country is ranked among the world’s number one and quality logical thinking.

Currently, FPT Japan has more than 300 employees working together to develop innovative products for the Japanese market and internationally. The first smartTV using Cloud Computing technology in the world was researched and developed by FPT and by Japanese firms, intelligent software systems for automobile manufacturers in Japan, the purchasing and ordering system for Japan’s largest airlines…

After > 20 years in development, FPT Japan is increasingly involved in the higher stages of development in the Information Technology market in Japan. Japan’s Century Project: My Number – digitizing Japanese citizen ID, Japan’s largest banking – financial merger projects, optimization of Japanese electricity industry project… are waiting for you.

For this particular market to have great development opportunity depends on the ability to meet labor need from Vietnam. We need a team of skilled software engineers and fluent in Japanese.

Not only in term of job positions, each of our employees has chances to grow in job location, to work oversea. Many generations of key leaders of FPT Software now came from the Japanese market.

Japan – a very special country – you can live and work in an environment with leading standards and children may grow up under very special culture. With more than 300 employees, Chairman of FPT wants to build in the heart of Tokyo a Little Vietnam so that employees and their families can live and work.

Selling point
• Living and working in Japan: the work leading environment
• Special culture with 4 seasons
• Throughout career path, attractive income
• Competitive income compare to Japanese companies, even more than Japanese companies.