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In June 2016, FSOFT completed the property lease in the land of Kimchi. The new branch called FPT Korea (FKR) came into operation unofficially. Then, CEO of FJP signed the decision to set up a new branch. On August 13, FKR’s office in Gangnam district was inaugurated with the attendance of FKR/ FJP’s Board of leaders. However, it was not until November 25 that FPT Korea has officially come into operation as a legal entity of FPT Japan, focusing on exploiting the strengths related to Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Multimedia Entertainment.

FKR’s first office in Gangnam district, Seoul. This is the economic and cultural center of Seoul, with many major Korean corporations such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Hanwha … the branch’s mission is to focus on sales activities to seek, exploit and expand the customer base in Korea.

By the end of 2016, FPT Korea achieved great achievements and became the “Excellent team” of FPT Japan. Despite being in partnership with just one customer, the unit’s growth rate was quite impressive up to 45%. In addition to 3 official staffs sitting in the office, FPT Korea has 30 onsiters and more than 400 employees indirectly serving this market in Vietnam.

At the end of 2017, FRK achieved the considerable growth rate up to 300%, sales tripled (from $ 5 million to $ 15 million); the market shares tripled (from 4% to 10%), personnel scale tripled (from 2 to 7 people). To meet the growth rate, on December 13, 2017, the unit moved the office to a new urban area near Gimpo Airport in Gangseo district, Seoul.

At the beginning of 2018, FKR has also signed an agreement with two partners (Inter Solution Technology – IST and Two-tone) to support the implementation of related resources and image promotion work in Vietnam and Korea. The work fields will involve artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, self-propelled vehicles and smart factories as part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The three sides will work together to expand the global market by sharing business networks, experiences, technology, and human resources. The deal aims to provide smart solutions to millions of small and medium companies, not just in Korean but also in Southeast Asia and China.

2018, FKR reached 15 people including the majority of salespeople. “At initial days of establishment, FKR was in partnership with only one customer, but two years later, the current number of customers is 8, including 4 customers considered as ‘whales’”, FKR Director said.

According to Mr. Hung, FKR aims to catch at least additional 10 whales in 2019. Our goal is to have 1000 talented engineers capable of communicating in Korean in order to meet the needs of the market by 2020, contributing to enhancing the strategic cooperation between the two countries in the field of Information technology.

“For FKRers, what I truly expect is everyone’s good health, with the spirit of excitement to make a difference, aiming to the goal of developing FKR to be on TOP 5 largest software solution companies in Korea”, Unit Director Nguyen Quoc Hung said.

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