FPT USA Headquarters

801 East Campbell Rd., Suite 525, Richardson, Texas 75081, USA


Email: [email protected] Tel: 5345 3566


12, Oct 1999

How do you think if one day the American dream is not so far-fetched? Working and living in a dynamic environment and most innovative in the world of information technology and above all there is the opportunity to live and work permanently in this count.

FPT USA was established on 13/10/2008, from 0. After 6 years of striving, in 2014 we successfully made a record revenue of 30M USD. Currently, the headquarter is located in San Mateo FPT USA (California) and the branch has opened several representative offices in Seattle (Washington); San Mateo & Los Angeles (California); Dallas (Texas); New York… FPT USA is one leg of the tripod for FPT Software and FPT to become a leading corporation in the intelligence service.

Here, you will have the opportunity to work with big-name partners in the top Fortune Global 500 like Apple, Google, Boeing, Microsoft, IBM … We successfully implemented hundreds of projects with leading partners in all area; participated in major events in ICT & Outsourcing: Gartner Outsourcing Summit, AWS Re: Invent; CES; IAOP World Summit; …

Apart from the chance to earn attractive salary of thousands USD, discover the film capital Hollywood, Las Vegas and Wall Street… are within reach. The US’ multicultural environment with many races can give you the experience of multi-nationality, German Town, Italian or China Town, Korean Town…The US market is one of the two key markets of FPT Software and as a potential market; it is at the forefront of technology trends with companies leading names in the IT industry. FPT USA contributes a huge portion of revenue for the company, raising the company’s competitiveness in the US market as well as worldwide through projects with customers in the Fortune 100 list. Also FPT USA brought FPT name to the big market through incredible effort.FPT USA has proved their ability and level to compete with the largest IT companies in the world.

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