In FPT Software, there are many special days, festivals and collective activities. From small events such as Fville village festival where thousands of members gather to drink and recreate the traditional spirit through folk games such as pig chasing, “Chưng cake” making contest to massive events attracting 3000-5000 people such as rock fest, parent day, sum up, etc. In any event, you can see the creativity, enthusiasm, burning fire of Fsofters. We strongly believe that events are not only an opportunity to relax, balance life but also to nurture team spirit and connection among FPT family.


Activity 1

Mô tả ngắn là một đoạn mô tả về nội dung mà bạn tự nhập bằng tay, có thể được sử dụng để hiển thị trong giao diện của bạn.