is a collection of great people who are committed, hardworking and enthusiastic with the desire to bring Vietnamese intellectuals to the world and create products that effect people’s lives and change their own destiny. In a multi-ethnic international cultural environment, you will meet many interesting colleagues and their inspiring success stories are waiting for you to discover.

Meet Our People

Rossano Marcelo Szczepanski

After 1 year, working in FPT Software is still a daily challenge for me. There are still a lot of things to learn. In fact, being here allows me to improve my professional and personal skills a bit every single day.

Jan Audrey Tampos

After 3 years working in FPT Software, Vietnam has become my 2nd hometown where I can balance my work & life and the colleagues treat me like in the family.

Nguyen Anh Duc

Being the first GE Predix expert in FPT Software, Duc Anh proved his robust capabilities in developing IoT solutions and best practices to leverage Predix platform.

Hoang Anh Minh

As a R&D expert, Minh discovered innovative approach for an US telecommunication giant to release a novel personalized recommendation system for more than 40 million customers.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, a Cloud Security Analyst of FPT, the youngest Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) in the history of Microsoft, is the author of an Amazon published book named “Microsoft Azure IaaS Defense In Depth Guide”.

Nguyen Son Hanh

Hanh directed a team of 20 people to grow to 250 people with the revenue growth of more than 4 million USD, which gained him the title “Best Performer of The Year in FPT”.

Susan Bryant

Ms. Susan Bryant is currenly Intellinet’s Customer Relationship Manager for Saleman / Salewoman. As, an excellent and enthusiastic saleswoman, she is responsible for growing up sales among Intellinet’s largest businesses.

Nguyen Bao Chung – Tong Thi Hue

Chung and Hue are developers, graduated from Fresher Training Class in Da Nang. “Thanks to Fresher Academy, I have overcome my shyness to become a Developer.”

Ngo Thu Huyen

Huyen is a small Vietnamese girl but is considered as a hardcore Bridge Engineer (BrSE) of FPT Software Japan. “Thanks to FPT Software’s 10KBrSE course, I have fulfilled my dream. If you have a dream, dare to think and do it”