FSOFT’s top 10 best spotlights in 2019


2019 has brought FSOFT lots of outstanding news in Business – Delivery – Life, thereby creating fresh air and momentum for the company to energetically enter 2020. With Cucumber, let’s have a look at FSOFT’S TOP 10 key milestones in 2019.

Sự kiện nổi bật của FSOFT năm 2019

1. FSOFT maintains its 30-percent growth rate

By late 2019, FSOFT achieved $ 468 million in revenue, thereby maintaining an annual growth rate of nearly 30 percent. For the first time, the US market has been ranked first – the sales increase by 38 percent and the organic growth by over 60 percent.

2. FSOFT becomes strategic partner with world’s “giants”

In 2019, FSOFT expanded its cooperation with major partners in the aviation and automotive industries, thereby reaching lots of valuable long-term contracts. Becoming a strategic partner with the world’s “giants” has brought FSOFT more opportunities to seek and “shake hands” with big companies and corporations worldwide.

3. akaBot wins biggest licensing contract in FPT history

In mid-December 2019, akaBot – the RPA solution (Robotic Process Automation) developed by FSOFT, aiming to automate hundreds of back-office processes, save labor costs, increase productivity won a historic licensing contract with a Japanese partner. The 5-year contract is worth $ 6.5 million. Recently, akaBot has achieved the championship at iKhien 2019, thereby encouraging FSOFTers to keep coming up with new ideas for useful products. akaBot’s success has marked a brilliant year of made-by-FSOFT products. Also, in 2019, the company highly promoted the product investment and development for internal usage and commercialization such as akaBot, akaDev, Deepclinics, akaTrans, akaDoc, akaTouch, akaChain, Codelearn, Utop, Trandata, etc.

4. Housing Policy “Settle down & thrive – Long-term engagement” supports nearly 500 FSOFTers

The housing policy “Settle down & thrive – Long-term engagement” has been implemented by FSOFT since early 2019, with the desire to support FSOFTers who make exceptional contributions to the company, thereby bringing employees a better living condition. Also, the policy aims to enhance the long-term engagement between FSOFTers and the company. Up to late 2019, nearly 500 employees have been provided with houses and supported for home loans at the preferential interest rate.

5. 10.000 employees use myFSOFT

myFSOFT – the internal application for FSOFTers has been developed since early 2019. The comprehensive information on organizational structure, processes, regulations, internal tools, etc. can be easily searched on myFSOFT. Through myFSOFT, FSOFTers are updated on the company’s latest information, share and discuss quickly with their colleagues as well. myFSOFT can be downloaded on the Google or Apple app store.

In 2019, myFSOFT attracted nearly 10.000 regular users, 108.000 bus checks-in, 5.000 reward times with the Gold points equivalent to nearly VND 4.228 billion.

6. Events in celebration of FSOFT’s 20th anniversary

In celebration of the new age, FSOFT implemented a wide range of big activities and programs, including Run For Green, DX Summit, Codewar, F-Town 3 inauguration, etc. Especially, the “Run for Green” campaign aimed to complete the running target of 20 Earth circles, thereby planting 20.000 trees. After over 2 months of launching, the movement attracted the participation of 7.000 FSOFTers, the running completion of 1 million kilometers, nearly 20.000 trees have been planted globally.

7. Inauguration of largest and most modern campus in Saigon Hi-Tech Park – FTOWN 3.

FTOWN 3 has a total investment of VND 800 billion, located on an area of 69.000 m2, meeting the seating capacity of 7.500 employees in the future. With the opening of FTOWN 3, FSOFT has increased the number of its campuses in Vietnam to 6, across the three largest cities of Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, thereby meeting the workplace for 30.000 employees by 2020.

8. CodeLearn – Online platform which attracts 30.000 users

CodeLearn is known as an online interactive platform that helps FSOFTers learn, practice and evaluate programming skills, thereby improving skills and productivity. CodeLearn supports new users to learn and practice languages ​​easily and effectively. For those who possess experience in programming, when practicing through algorithmic exercises or taking exams, their skills will further be enhanced. CodeLearn will also be a channel for sharing and exchanging knowledge, with the desire to connect thousands of developers who love programming. In 2019, CodeLearn was applied in Vietnam’s biggest Codewar programming contest, attracting 30.000 users.

9. FSOFT wins championship at September-13 Festival after 16 years

The stories regarding FSOFT’s issues such as OKR, the project-package policy, the housing policy, the Run For Green campaign, etc. were interestingly showed in “Sassy”. The play brought FSOFT two awards: Championship at September-13 Northern Festival and Best Actor – Mr. Quach Phuong Long (FHN).

10. FSOFT firstly establishes overseas product-distributing agency

On August 1, FSOFT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ThinkPower (TPI) – Taiwan’s system integration & solution consulting firm on providing AkaBot and Akachain products to the Taiwanese market. Accordingly, AkaBot and Akachain have been used in finance, retails, manufacturing, etc. This has proved FSOFT’s first success in product/ solution implementation for markets worldwide.

Watch the 10-event clipHERE

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