FPT and Home Credit Vietnam cooperated to deploy Virtual Agent for Call center


FPT has just cooperated with Home Credit Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Home Credit) to launch a Virtual agent for Call Center in Vietnam.

Developed on the comprehensive artificial intelligence platform – FPT.AI, FPT.AI Virtual agent for Call center has the ability of automatic two-way conversation with tens of thousands of customers every day, helping Home Credit optimize operation, improve productivity and deliver a better customer experience.

The virtual assistant of FPT.AI is expected to be a strategic solution of Home Credit to deliver to customer a quick and immediate experience. With the ability to automatically perform the tasks of the operators, the intelligent switchboard system is always ready to serve customers 24/7.

Large scale is an opportunity but at the same time brings many challenges for businesses. With more than 11 million customers in Vietnam, Home Credit currently maintains a huge customer service team, especially the call center team with hundreds of employees. Their main job is to provide a quick experience, convey the necessary information to customers such as monthly fee reports, and answer questions about loan packages for new customers, receive and process separate requirements for each customer.

“The bulky operators apparatus poses challenges in terms of management, training, quality control for each call, allocating staff working time frames to ensure customer requirements 24/7”, said a brand representative who has 23 years of operation in the world financial markets. He said that the company has many times been in overload.

According to Project Manager of FPT.AI, the object of Home Credit Vietnam is to use AI virtual agent to simplify the work for customer call center, so that operators can focus on more professional tasks.

Through the process of researching, designing and adjusting call scripts, FPT.AI and Home Credit designed two separate products to serve the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers automatically.

At the moment, the Virtual Assistant at Home Credit can automatically make calls to confirm customer information, introduce products, remind payment schedules, two-way interaction to receive information and confirm payment status for customers.

To be able to apply these technology features to the service of AI Call center for consumer loan companies, FPT.AI is equipped with natural language processing technology with models of acoustics and languages specialized for communication over the switchboard, allowing automatic implementation of Inbound Call, Outbound Call or Smart IVR.

FPT and Home Credit Vietnam cooperated to deploy Virtual Agent for Call center

Virtual agent for call center FPT.AI has the ability to archive the conversation content with customers











These models have the potential to become “more intelligent” throughout the use process through analysis and training based on the collected data models. The content exchanged between the virtual assistant and customers will be stored on the system in two formats, text and audio in real time, allowing operators to listen to the conversation or quickly extract the necessary information.

This is also one of the outstanding products in FPT’s digital transformation solution, FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call center that is capable of handling thousands of calls at the same time with high accuracy and uniformity.

After 3 months of operation, up to now, Home Credit Vietnam virtual agent can handle tens of thousands of automatic conversations a day, the call duration is about 1-2 minutes, completing more than 90% of the request in terms of customers’ loans and services.

Mr. Branislav Vargic – Chief Operating Officer of Home Credit said: “There are 3 things that make me very happy and impressed when cooperating with FPT: We cooperate and develop together, the speed of completing work between the two The party is very good and the achievements we have achieved are beyond expectations… ”

Source: Techinsight