FSOFT lauch AI Competition with total prize up to VND 500 million


From July 15 to August 5, FSOFTers researching AI or passionate about this technology are advised to register for the Reinforcement Learning competition (RLCOMP 2020) at https://rlcomp.codelearn.io. The total prize contest is worth over VND 500 million.

Reinforcement Learning Competition (RLCOMP) is a competition relating to Artificial Intelligence which is hosted in Vietnam for the first time, In order to build the first Reinforcement Learning community in Vietnam as well as promote AI learning/ research activities, foster technical talents, build high-quality human resources, FSOFT AI Lab in association with Codelearn and FUNiX has organized the Reinforcement Learning arena (RLCOMP 2020) “Learning to make decisions”.

The competition is designed for those who researching AI/ Machine Learning, including IT students or FSOFTers. Register in groups (1-3 members/ each), and take the online exam at http://codeleran.io/.

Who can join

  • Competition is opened to all who can code: Data Scientist, Developer, IT Student,…
  • You should know about Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning
  • Experience of Reinforcement Learning is a plus

How to win

  •  Access to www.codelearn.io to register for an online exam.
  •  The competition is structured as a Gold Miner game.

Attractive Awards

AI Competiton award

Please access to https://rlcomp.codelearn.io/ (English version) to learn more.

FSOFT Reinforcement Learning AdvisorsFSOFT Reinforcement Learning Judges

RLCOMP 2020 consists of 3 rounds: Table round – “Take the challenge” (August 8 – September 3); Friendly competition round – “Stepping stone” (September 5 – 17); Final Round – “Hidden-gold island” (September 19).

Reinforcement Learning offers attractive prizes. At the final round, the champion will win VND 100 million and the trip to attend FSOFT’s AI presentation workshop worth VND 20 million; second and third prizes are worth VND 50 million and VND 20 million respectively. In terms of the consolation prize, contestants will be given VND 5 million. The Organizing Committee will offer the Talent award – VND 20 million and the Prospect award – VND 10 million to the student teams.

Remarkably, Reinforcement Learning will award two special scholarships, including a Data Science introductory course or a Machine Learning introductory course worth VND 3.9 million to TOP 16 teams at the final round; the AI ​​Young Talent scholarship will be given to the student teams who reach the highest position, each member will receive a full scholarship of Data Science or Machine Learning worth VND 20 million. Contestants eliminated at the table round will obtain certificates of recognition.

For further details of the Reinforcement Learning contest, FSOFTers please email to [email protected]