FPT Software Culture

Not only is the largest IT company, FPT Software is also a leader in corporate culture (honored by VietnamWorks in 2016) according to the following criteria

Professional working environment

Leaders are trusted and respected
Leaders are trusted and respected

Employee's satisfaction with welfareEmployee’s satisfaction with welfare

Transparency in communication and managementTransparency in communication and management

Knowledge is shared and cultivated for employees to grow together.Knowledge is shared and cultivated for employees to grow together.

STCo Culture

  • STCo can mean a lot of things:
  • STCo is the creative composing of parodies, songs, comedies to relieve stress after a long day at work.
  • STCo culture shows the overall picture: we are humorous, sophisticated and very realistic.

  • Let's hear our voice!

FPT Software Union & Culture

FUN is a designated department of FPT Software that is responsible for the well-being of employees. Throughout the year, FUN organizes many events and charitable activities to improve

Team Building

  • FJP TeambuildingSum up FJP.BA: Can’t stand with the funny!
    On the afternoon of May 20th, FJP.BA Department held the Quarter 1 teambuilding of 2018. Nearly 50 people working at the FJP Headquarters (Daimon, Tokyo, Japan) had group activities together at Yumenoshima Park, Tokyo Bay. Having ....
  • FPTSoftware-Philippines-Yearend-Party2019 FPT Software Philippines 5th Annual Yearend Party
    The 12th of December 2019, 6-10PM, was a memorable day for FPT Software Cebu. It was the much awaited 5th Annual Yearend Party held in the Jimei Room of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. The event organized by HR, ....
  • FHN Awards – Emotional honoring ceremony 2019
    In addition to attractive musical performances filled with grandeur, FHN Awards has left deep and emotional impressions on participants. On the evening of January 10, FHN Awards took place at Queen Bee, Lang Ha, Hanoi with the ....
  • R7 Da Nang gathers for team-spirit enhancement
    For the first time, R7 Da Nang’s three units have gathered to strengthen solidarity and enhance interaction among project members.   The program was organized on June 15, at Bien Dong Resort. Challenges were given to nearly 300 ....
  • Teambuilding A Team – FSU1.BU9: Teamwork spirit is above all
    In order to enhance solidarity, improve teamwork spirit and skills for the team belonging to FSU1.BU9 – who are working for the best plane maker in the world, as well as relaxing after stressful working hours. On May 13th and ....

Employee Testimonials

Luis Ruvalcaba

Project Manager

From: Guadalajara, Mexico

"Working at Fsoft has provided me with many new challenges and opportunities to learn. I'm happy to be a part of a growing company in Vietnam, and therefore feel passionate about my job. Living in Hanoi has also been a great opportunity to experience Vietnamese culture and to make amazing friends."

Katarina Tomkova

Financial Accounting Specialist & Administration Officer

From: Kosice, Slovakia

“I have moved to Ho Chi Minh in April 2019. Thanks to my employer FTP Software, I had the opportunity to start an adventure and I got the unique chance to work abroad, in one of our many branches around the world - HCMC Viet Nam! At the beginning I had to face many challenges and the slight cultural shock, but luckily people here are very friendly and they are trying their best to help me to overcome first problems. Vietnam is a stunning country so I am really glad to live and work here so I can “Taste Vietnam”. :)“

Jeff Scott

Business Analyst

From: Texas, USA

“I've worked at the F-Complex in Da Nang for the past 6 months. In that time, I've gotten to travel for two different projects and have met so many people. I really enjoy the coastal weather and beautiful beaches here, as well as the food and local culture. I’ve worked with some great teams and look forward to staying long-term.”