FPT to collaborate with world-leading AI institute Mila


FPT is the first tech firm in South East Asia to become a strategic partner of Mila – the world-leading AI Research Institute.

On June 12, FPT and Mila AI Research Institute had signed an initial collaboration contract in 3 years (2020 – 2023) for four major categories, including: Researching and Developing to improve FPT’s AI technology capabilities; Strategic consulting for building FPT.AI Research Center in Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh province); Training; and Exchanging quality AI human resources.


The strategic collaboration ceremony between FPT and Mila is hosted online, connecting the two parties in Hanoi and Montreal, Canada.

Representatives from Mila Research Institute includes Mr. Stéphane Létourneau – Vice President of Partner Relations at Mila, and Mr. Yoshua Bengio – Director of Mila AI Research Institute. From FPT, we have Mr. Truong Gia Binh – Chairman of FPT Corporation; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – Principal of FUNiX; Ms. Chu Thanh Ha – President of FPT Software; Mr. Tran Dang Hoa – COO of FPT Software; and Mr. Le Hong Viet – CTO of FPT.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh – Chairman of FPT Corporation had shared: “We dream of bringing Vietnam to become an AI center of the world. With Mila’s consultant and experiences, we believe that this dream can become the reality, and Vietnam can become the leading AI center in South East Asia.” The leader of FPT also believes that this is a golden chance for Vietnam’s technology talents to explore, access, and learn about AI in-depth.

As a world-leading professor in AI, awarded with the ACM A.M. Turing Award 2018, Mr. Yoshua Bengio – Director of Mila AI Research Institute highly regarded FPT’s standing and potentials, as the firm that satisfied Mila’s partner standards, among those are the important requirement of having to possess an AI core technology platform, as well as potential AI applications, which are compatible and valuable to Mila’s AI ecosystem.

Mr. Yoshua Bengio also shared that: “With our strategic vision being to research AI to bring effective values to the community, Mila is training and cooperating with the world’s AI talents, in order to together use our knowledge, and transform the future the way we want it with AI.”

At the moment, there are around 70 large businesses in multiple fields including telecommunications, finance-banking, and public administration, who are using FPT’s AI solutions. The corporation’s AI platform has helped businesses increase work efficiency by 80%, reduce 90% of operation costs, ensure 24/7 operations, to be ready for recovery and break-through post-pandemic. By estimations, there are around 1 million end users who benefit from FPT’s many services annually.

FPT and Mila hopes to achieve remarkable results in practical AI applications in medicine, agriculture, linguistics, and manufacturing. The two also share the aim to build a world-standard AI Research Center in Vietnam.

The two parties signing the cooperation contract online. Photo: FPT Software.

The two parties signing the cooperation contract online. Photo: FPT Software.

FPT also hopes to become a world-leading provider of digital transformation services, and bolster research and development of core technologies relevant to AI, Big Data, Cloud computing, Robotics, and Automation.

Every Wednesday, FPT will host a free online consulting session on digital transformation solutions for businesses. Here, FPT’s tech experts and AI solutions will assist businesses in creating breakthroughs in work efficiency and optimizing work procedures in the current New normalcy. Registration here:

FPT.AI Conversation: https://bitly.com.vn/gmYfJ
FPT.AI Vision: https://bitly.com.vn/qev3w
FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center: https://bitly.com.vn/OJKai

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