Sum up FJP.BA: Can’t stand with the funny!


On the afternoon of May 20th, FJP.BA Department held the Quarter 1 teambuilding of 2018. Nearly 50 people working at the FJP Headquarters (Daimon, Tokyo, Japan) had group activities together at Yumenoshima Park, Tokyo Bay.

Having gathered from 10:30 in the morning, all members of BA group and their families had the barbecue together for lunch. The atmosphere was more exciting when Ms. Tram Anh (Event Organizing Department, under SSC.JP) gave presents to FJP Small children. The simple game led by SSC Head Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung and COO Pham Thi Thanh Hoa, was speaking out the name of the fruits and items in the meals in Vietnamese, requiring children to try quite hard. Children born in Japan are only aware of the name of the objects/ fruits/ vegetables in Japanese; therefore, remembering the Vietnamese name of items is a difficult activity for them. After that, everyone quickly finished their meals to enter the official teambuilding games.

FJP Teambuilding

Under the shade of green trees, fresh coastal air, the entire BA sisters were divided into two teams, Roof 1 and Roof 2 competing against each other. The first name was similar to the game named “Rowing on land”, which is that team members have to put their legs to the hips of each other, then they had to pull themselves to the goal line. The team who passed the finish line first would be the winner. Ms. TrangTT6 of the Roof 1 team, smiled happily when her team crossed the goal before another team.

The second game, launched by General Assembly Staff Vu Hong Anh, was “Dropping the eggs”. Each member must wear a box at their hip. The box, which was full of ping pongs, had a hole in its back. Players must jump and shake continuously to drop the balls out. Each team had a certain amount of time for all the members to drop all the balls out of the box. The team that had the higher number of dropped out balls would be the winner. The result was that the Roof 2 team led by Mrs. Nhung won the game after their spectacular dances. Clip recorded the process of playing this game not only made the sisters but also the brothers, watching the clip, roll out laughing. Although not winning this game, Mrs. TrangTT6 was still very happy as this game was too funny.

FJP Teambuilding

The next games was “water transferring” (using mouth to hold the plastic cups then poured the water from each other to the pot) making everyone become wet together; “Blowing the Powder” (using the mouth blowing the powder inside a plastic pot to pick up the candy inside) made the entire face of sisters full of flour. Finally, in the fierce game “Onions eating”, Mrs. TrangTT6 (SSC.JP) was the fastest person who ate the roasted onion. As a result, through tears in the eyes, the fastest eating onion woman of FJP.BA has received the “Miss Onions eating” award.

Winning the entire remaining games, Roof 1 team stepped on the glory, while the Roof 2 team was laughing like they were the winners. Surprisingly, when the President of the Daimon General Assembly Vu Hong Anh was about to award the Roof 1 team, all the sisters took flour pots then poured on the head of the President. As a result, the awards turned into powder throwing activity, and the kids quitted playing their games to watch their parents and others throwing powder at each other.

Monday morning, Mrs. Fujita Hiroko said: “Yesterday it was tired but fun!” She thanked the members of the organizing committee: Vu Hong Anh (SSC.IT), Tran Ngoc Tram Anh (SSC.Event) and Lam Hoang Son (SSC.IC).

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