CAIO Nguyen Xuan Phong receives third-class FPT Sao Cong nghe award


With the achievement of successfully promoting the strategic cooperation agreement between FPT and Mila – the world’s leading AI research institute, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh presented the Third-class FPT Sao Cong Nghe award to FSOFT Director of Artificial Intelligence Technology Nguyen Xuan Phong right at the briefing which took place this morning, June 15.

Phong’s achievements have brought FPT strategic opportunities to enhance technology capacity, and opened up new business opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence. Together with FPT Sao Cong Nghe award, the third-class, Mr. Phong is awarded 10 million VND according to new regulations in the FPT reward system. On this occasion, FPT Chairman also presented a Certificate of Merit to the Organizing Committee with a reward worth 8 million VND for the effort to organize the program in just one week.

CAIO Nguyen Xuan Phong - FPT Software

CAIO Nguyen Xuan Phong – FPT Software

Dr. Binh highly appreciates the spirit of dynamism, creativity, and adherence to FPT’s goal set by the ​​FSOFT AI research team. Besides, he hopes that FSOFT will be the first unit to take advantage of this partner to have the first projects related to AI.

CAIO is currently in Canada and received the award online

Previously, on the afternoon of June 11, FPT and Mila Institute of Artificial Intelligence virtually signed a strategic cooperation agreement at both ends of Hanoi (Vietnam) and Montreal (Canada). Initially, the cooperation agreement was implemented within 3 years (2020 – 2023), focusing on promoting the strengths of the two sides with 4 major items including: (1) Mutual research and development to improve AI capacity of FPT; (2) Strategic consulting based on Mila’s experience to build FPT.AI Research Center in Vietnam, initially in Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh); (3) Training and exchanging quality human resources in AI field, providing foundation and opportunities to compete with others facing global exposure; and (4) Seeking business opportunities within Mila’s partner ecosystem

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