The online programming training platform CodeLearn, which utilizes modern technologies like compiler, AI, docker, AWS… can help learners to practice multi-level programming skills, from which significantly improves productivity and work efficiency.

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Application of new technologies

CodeLearn is a direct system and interactive platform, which helps users to learning, train, practice and test their programming skills, as well as elevating them via online courses, practice exercises, tests, and competitions with other programmers throughout the nation.

The platform is the fruit of FPT’s technology expert Cao Van Viet and his partners, who had been developing it since 2018. Thus, it is fully “made by FPT Software”, from basic ideas and development, to deployment and usage.

The online programming training website CodeLearn allows users to practice their skills on different levels, helping them to improve programming and problem-solving skills. This will lead to significant changes in productivity and work efficiency.

CodeLearn is built using new and advanced technologies like compiler, AI, docker, AWS,… At the moment, it supports programming in C++, Java, Js, Python and C#. SQL had also been added to the list in July, so users can now learn and practice writing database query commands.

In its deployment, CodeLearn had been through 2 attacks and system shutdowns. After each time, it is further tightened in security, control and evaluation to prevent any potential attack. The marketing team had also well-promoted CodeLearn with multiple highly-prized events, while the CodeLearn had encouraged skilled programmers to contribute to the system’s bank of exercises and knowledge, in order to create and diverse database.

Join CodeLearn to strengthen the programming community

In its aim to develop a comprehensive ecosystems that covers the 5 qualificators: learning – practicing – competing – sharing – connecting, the system is currently providing free courses on different programming languages, including: C++ fundamentals, Java fundamentals, C# fundamentals, Basic algorithms, and C++ Standard Template Library. In the future, CodeLearn’s courses will be further improved, with skill levels going from basic to advanced, in order to satisfy different user demands. It strives to provide 20 extra courses that will cover  Javascript, Python, Database, GoLang, C++ OOP,…

After learning basic programming from joining and completing the courses in the training section, users can try out hundreds of exercises in the practice section to improve programming and problem-solving skills. CodeLearn’s exercise bank is plenty, diverse and frequently updated, and is always ready to meet user’s demands and daily use.

Along with learning and practicing, the competing section will allows users to compare their skills with others programmers on the system. In this section, users will solve a programming problem simultaneously with other users, and will receive a report of their performance including grades, times of turn-ins, solving time – all for comprehensive evaluation of individual skills. CodeLearn is also hosting weekly online competitions for the system users, as well as partnering with fresher academies to host offline competitions for IT students at the University of Transport and Communications, FPT University, Quy Nhon University and others in Ho Chi Minh cities. Talking about the competitions, attenders had shared: “CodeLearn’s competitions are not only about competing, it is also a great playground for users to learning, interact, connect, and improve.” In the upcoming September, CodeLearn will also collaborate with FA and the Vietnam Student Association to host a grand programming competition for about 3000 IT students throughout the nation.

Uptil July 2019, CodeLearn had acquired 6.500 users, 60% of those external to FPT Software, with a daily user count of above 500. During deployment, CodeLearn has received plenty positive feedbacks, as users are satisfied with the system’s friendly, fast, diverse, Vietnamese-supporting IDE.

Mr. Cao Van Viet shared: “At the moment, in order to achieve our goal of gaining 100.000 users, as well as becoming the largest coding learning and competing platform of Asia, the system will require further improvements, as well as additional features on learning and competition.”

CodeLearn had also developed the Forum feature in its aim to build and connect the IT community throughout the country (and soon throughout Asia). With the feature, users can ask questions, share experiences, or simply connect and make friends with mutual interest. Supporting both English and Vietnamese, the system shall bring further user connection.

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