Utop is an application for garnering and redeeming loyalty points, built on the basis of the Blockchain platform – Akachain, with the aim to reach ultimate security and optimization in transaction speed for partners as well as customers.

The application is researched and developed by the Akachain Service & Solution Unit (AKC) from FPT Software. Ever since its launch, Utop has helped its users redeem points at over 20 brands.

With the application built on the basis of Blockchain platform and Akachain, Utop’s representative ensured complete security as well as an optimization in transaction speed for their partners and customers.

Utop allows users to garner points and directly top up their points to redeem bonuses or make purchases at hundreds of different shops among Utop’s Vietnamese partnership network. The application is supported on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Utop also allows safe transactions and direct payments using points, as well as point conversion from Utop to loyalty rewards of the brands in the system.

Users have the freedom to choose their own bonuses (reward personalization) in Utop’s very diverse point system network, ranging from entertainment (CGV, Vuvuzela…); F&B (Golden Gate, The Coffee House…); Shopping (Tiki, Adayroi…). Utop is also currently expanding its network for a more diverse selection for users.

Utop serves business customer alongside individual ones. In partnership with Utop, business does not have to share their databases or change its traditional sales system. Rather, this application helps businesses to connect and interact with users (customers, employees, project team members).

Utop can be used by business in their bonus system: to reward teams and employees, acclaim excellent workers, award winners of internal competitions, give annual or performance bonuses. It can also be utilized in loyalty reward and celebratory programs during festivals and holidays.

Some noticeable partners of Utop include Sumo BBQ, Kichi Kichi, Gogi House, Soya Garden. The partner network will also continue to expand for a wide range of selection for users.

Utop was first launched for FPT Retail, which helps retailers to interact with their loyal customers, as well as provide a better customer experience in point garnering and bonus redemption via the Utop network.

How to use Utop

  • Step 1: Account sign-in/registration.
  • Step 2: Connect Account to F.Studio at “Top-up”.
  • Step 3: Convert Utop points at “Top-up”.
  • Step 4: Redeem gifts and bonuses.

The AKC Unit hope that Utop will bring about a comprehensive solution in today’s online transaction and gifting. “Utop is born for no other purposes than to be a smart, secure, and transparent point redemption application, with the aim to support and accompany users anytime, anywhere”, said the AKC representative.

Contact us for more details: https://utop.vn/