[DN] 01 Performance Architecture

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  • Good at research, analyzing and finding root cause and report for system performance issues in general and to specific domains of controller, database bottlenecks, and JVM garbage collection processes
  • Perform network packet analysis using Wireshark.

Job Qualifications :

  • Min of 2 years+ Java programming, 5 years+ in performance engineering
  • Master in performance testing methodologies, strategy, concepts and terms: benchmarking, load testing, capacity testing, stress testing, reliability testing and scalability testing.
  • Rich experience in system and network monitoring and troubleshooting: CPU, memory, DiskIO, network bandwidth, network topology (network class concepts, Vlan subnet, network mask, gateway, etc…).
  • Tools: Jmeter, Java, Jenkins, Docker, Fiddler, Wireshark, New Relic, AppDynamic, Jira, …
  • Experience in setting up and using APM tools such as AppDynamic or New Relic.  Experience in a monitoring solution such as ELB (elastic search, logstash, kibana), grafana…


  • Competitive salary and Award  based on performance : 1000$-2000$
  • Have opportunity to be promoted to the higher positions
  • Work and grow in professional environment
  • FPT Care and so many others benefits…


Sending CV and attached file to :  [email protected] 

Address : FPT-Complex Building, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, DaNang City.

Number Contact: +84 236 3 958 777 Ext 1684Fax: +84 236 3 958 776

[DN] 01 Performance Architecture

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