FPT USA Corp. seeks Software Engineer in El Segundo, CA.

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Coordinate the development procedures of FPT USA’s software application projects. Work with FPT USA’s engineering teams to design and develop software service packages according to U.S. technology demands and trends. Develop and direct software system programming and requirements analysis testing. Evaluate the performance, reliability, and scalability of FPT USA’s software service packages. Develop and direct creative software solutions and patches, addressing reported problems regarding FPT USA’s software. Implement application framework and systems infrastructure in software products. Modify existing software and correct any errors needed to allow software to adapt to new hardware. Communicate and collaborate with FPT Vietnam regarding software development and maintenance, software testing, and enterprise resource planning solutions and implementation.



Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical, Electronic, Computer, Software or a related field plus 3 years of experience. 3 years of experience in the following: developing web applications using Java/MVC Framework/Hibernated/Angular JS/Kafka Message Queue/ Elastic Search; Experience working with JIRA tool to run the project scrum/agile and reporting/tracking; Expericne working with Linux/Centos and configuration system for deployment. 2 years of experience in the following: Analyze, design and write produce the SQL/NO SQL( Postgres, Mongodb); deployment/monitor application and process like Jenkins, Rundeck, Puppet; Experience with the testing process testing, review test cases, test report, test plan by using the testing framework/tools: Testlink, Selenium.



Applicants who are interested in this position may apply at https://www.jobpostingtoday.com ref #83455 for consideration.

FPT USA Corp. seeks Software Engineer in El Segundo, CA.

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