Big Data Engineer in Aviation (Onsite Worldwide Opportunity)


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Location: Ho Chi Minh

Quantity: 10

About Project

Working with a global giant manufacturer of civil and military aerospace products with:

  • 110+ million flights over 215 billion km
  • 12 billion passengers in multiple countries

Our mission is to make the data sharable, open and transparent to create value for our customers, widely spread the Big Data platform to various airlines of diverse sizes in different countries by ceaselessly adopts cutting-edge technologies and brings further added values.  Our ambition is also to promote the Big Data platform as a reference used by all major aviation players to improve their operational performance and business results, and to support their own digital transformation.


Job Descriptions

  • Setup VM at airline, install a Big Data Platform Connector and connect to the Big Data Platform and airline databases
  • Ingest new data sources
  • Build data pipelines by writing transformations and deriving new datasets against the Big Data Platform Ontology, for both new and known data sources
  • Monitor build progress and debug problems
  • Build frontend applications (charts, reports, dashboards, web based applications)
  • Track pipeline dependencies.


Job Qualifications

  • Strong engineering background, preferred in fields such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Physics.
  • Big data / machine learning / data science background/experience is a plus
  • Familiarity with data structures and storage systems
  • Experience with industry-standard build tooling, including Github
  • SQL proficiency
  • Proficiency in 1 programing language and willing to learn Python/Spark fast
  • Proficiency in PySpark for distributed computation is a big plus
  • Git-workflow proficiency
  • Willing to travel every week for deployment (75%-80%)
  • Interest in aviation industry a positive
  • Inquisitive and scrappy – able to take a goal and deliver on it
  • Comfortable learning on the job
  • Good English communication



Successful candidates will be part of a friendly, motivated and committed talent teams with various benefits and attractive offers:

  • Travel around the world and collaboration with first class IT companies.
  • FPT care” health insurance and is exclusive for FPT employees.
  • Company shuttle buses provide convenient way of transportation for all employees.
  • Other allowances: transportation allowance, lunch allowance, working on-site allowance, etc.
  • FTown Campus provide many facilities for FPT employees such as football ground, basketball & volleyball, gym & yoga centre, restaurant, cafeteria, etc.


Contact Person

Interested candidates should submit a completed Curriculum Viate/ Résume and Cover Letter (if any) to:

Resource Assurance Incubation Center,

FPT Software Hochiminh Co.Ltd

Contact Person                       : Ms. Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Hạnh

Phone Number                       : 0909 832 858

Email for applications         : [email protected][email protected]


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Big Data Engineer in Aviation (Onsite Worldwide Opportunity)

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