[HN] 02 .NET Solution Architect

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Non Skill

Chi tiết công việc


  • Research and provide feasibility of idea
  • Develop Smart and fast utility apps
  • Utilize as much as app world can offer


  • Focusing on Cloud computing and applications
  • Focusing on Internet of thing on offices and buildings
  • Focusing on utilize messaging using low energy devices
  • Focusing on utilize virtual reality devices…
  • Daily meeting for reporting and escalating issues/risks.


  • Good knowledge of architectural theory out of primary technology domain context bounds;
  • Ability to deep-dive in new technology and get familiar with it in short terms (and pass this knowledge to others);
  • Ability to think and design in cross-domain terms;
  • Good general design skills, desire and ability to “put pieces together”;
  • Ability to conceptually visualize things;
  • Experience with client-focused solution architecture consulting, inclusive of project planning, estimating and resourcing.
  • Technical delivery experience across the entire SDLC, with deep expertise in software development; at a minimum: ASP.NET, C#, SQL, JavaScript and HTML.
  • Experience of platforms/frameworks: ASP.NET (MVC and Webforms), Umbraco, Commerce Server, Selenium, JMeter, Nuget, EF, enterprise search frameworks, Powershell, OOP, SMACSS and SASS.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the web: protocols, architectures, infrastructure, servers (IIS), proxies, load balancing and high availability, etc.
  • Solid understanding of networks, systems and persistence technologies: AWS, OpenStack, Windows Server App Fabric, Mongodb and Lucene, etc.
  • Comprehensive understanding of modern patterns and practices: unit testing, inversion of control, repository, MVC and continuous integration, etc.
  • Experience of diagramming an ecosystem that includes applications, servers, deployment and workflows.
  • 6~8+ years’ industry experience.


  • Working directly with foreign customers.
  • Successful candidates will be part of a friendly, open, motivated and committed talent teams in FPT Software with various benefits and attractive offers.
  • Successful candidates will be offered a friendly, motivated working environment;
  • “FPT care” health insurance provided by AON and is exclusive for FPT employees
  • Annual Summer Vacation: following company’s policy and starts from May every year.
  • Be trained about technologies trending today.
  • Be shown the clear career path in technical/solution paths in IT domain and specified for logistics and e-commerce.
  • Have a chance to onsite short-time to European countries.
  • Attractive income.




  • FPT Software – Recruitment Department
    Contact Person  : Ms. Pham Thi Hai Ninh
    Phone Number  : 0902 157 493

          Email                     : ninhpth1

FPT Software – You Can Make IT

[HN] 02 .NET Solution Architect

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