[HN] 02 WordPress Expert


Chi tiết công việc

  • Work under the guidance of Scrum Masters, Technical to develop new products to best practice.
  • Work with Product Managers to clarify requirements and elaborate user stories.
  • Help relevant stakeholders understand non-functional requirements relevant to future product development capability.
  • Develop test harnesses and unit tests for products built.
  • Deliver tested functionality for end of sprint.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, IT or equivalent
  • Excellent English skills, can understand and participate in all agile ceremonies conducted in English
  • Can write about/discuss complex technical concepts and issues in English
  • Minimum 5+ years’ experience in software development in WordPress
  • Prior experience developing product in an AGILE environment (desirable)
  • Prior experience developing code in Linux-style operating environments and in PHP and web-centric languages (HTML, CSS; desirable)
  • Prior experience debugging and resolve problems
  • Prior experience with version control and deployment management tools (Git, GitLab-CI and Serverless)
  • Experience using various electronic transports, data formats, protocols, and architectures (HTTP, OPEN API, SWAGGER, SOAP, XML, JSON, JSON Schema, REST, Email, S/FTP, SSL)

Skill & Knowledge

  • Sound understanding of the software development lifecycle and ability to analyse and transpose stakeholder specifications and requirements throughout all stages of development
  • Strong understanding of PHP/Node JS programming languages
  • Ability to debug problems almost autonomously
  • Comfortable with databases and can write queries if required
  • Sound ability to articulate concepts and technical problems either verbally, written or visually
  • Strong self-management skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to elaborate and collaborate on ideas, working with numerous stakeholders to derive a clear and successful outcome
  • Possess an in-depth understanding of and can apply Object Oriented, Functional and Asynchronous/Evented Software Design patterns

Contact :

Liên hệ:

Contact Person                         : Nguyen Kieu Anh

Email                                          [email protected] 

Website                                     : www.career.fpt-software.com 

[HN] 02 WordPress Expert

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