[HN] 05 Scrum master


Chi tiết công việc

  • Plan and implement projects
  •  Help define project scope, goals and deliverables
  • Define tasks and required resources
  •  Collect and manage project team
  •  Manage budget
  • Allocate project resources
  •  Create schedule and project timeline
  •  Track deliverables
  • Support and direct team
  • Lead quality assurance
  • Monitor and report on project progress
  • Present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problems and solutions
    FPT Software
  •  Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs
  • Evaluate and assess result of project

Project management qualification (PMP) or Scrum certificate (PMI/Scrum.org/ scrum alliance)
Theoretical and practical project management knowledge
Knowledge of techniques and tools
Experience as a project manager
Experience in strategic planning, risk management and/or change management
Proficiency in project management software tools
Competitive salary. Performance based award.
Onsite US
Young and dynamic working environment.
Continuous development of hard and soft skills through work and professional trainings.
Opportunity to approach newest technology trends
Exciting leisure: sport and art events (football club, family day…)
Company’s labor policy completely pursuant to Vietnamese labor legislation plus other benefits
offered by the company (Company trip, Holiday, etc.)


Contact Person                         : Nguyen Kieu Anh

Email                                          [email protected] 

Website                                     : www.career.fpt-software.com 

[HN] 05 Scrum master

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