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Working location: Cau Giay, Hanoi


When you join with us, you will have many opportunities for yourself:

  • Work in a big project with many senior/expert people
  • Join training on job
  • Chance to be promoted to team lead if outstanding performance



  • You will work closely with the Recruiting Leader to analyze requirements against the qualifications of candidates for FPT Software’s overseas branches.
  • Identify, engage, and recruit qualified foreign candidates by performing sourcing activities utilizing the various tools and internet recruiting portals.
  • You’ll be involved in scheduling of interviews, preparing candidate resumes and acting as an active coordinator between the internal projects and the candidate.
  • Create connections with Universities in the US to build a resource pipeline in serving US’s market
  • Travel on business trips



  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  •  Experience and knowledge of the IT Staffing industry is preferred
  •  English communication at advanced levels.
  •  Experience in a recruiting role is required. Strong communication skills is a must



  • Competitive salary. Performance based award.
  • Young and dynamic working environment.
  • Continuous development of hard and soft skills through work and professional trainings.
  • Opportunity to approach newest technology trends
  • FSOFT Campus provide many facilities for FPT Software employees such as football ground, basketball & volleyball, gym & yoga center, restaurant, cafeteria, etc.
  • Company shuttle buses provide convenient way of transportation for all employees.

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